Cops Looking for Pit Bull Pups Seen in Graphic Dogfighting Video

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The dogs
San Francisco police arrested two men in connection with staging a dog fight at a local public housing site as a group of spectators cheered them on.

According to Sgt. Danielle Newman, police obtained cellphone video of two pit bulls who had been forced to fight each other at the Hunters View housing projects near West Point and Middle Point roads.

While the police are still looking for the dogs seen in the video, they have tracked down at least two suspects.

Newman said 23-year-old Ed Perkins was arrested and charged with owning a dog for the purpose of fighting other pups, fighting dogs for amusement or gain, animal cruelty, and participation in a street gang. In addition, 24-year-old Jermaine Jackson was arrested on suspicion of being present at the dog fight.

The suspect, Ed Perkins
Another suspect is still outstanding with a felony warrant in this case, Newman said.

Police released still images from the video, but not the footage itself, as it was "extremely graphic," Newman said.

As the Examinernoted , in 2010, Perkins was arrested in connection with a fatal shooting at Pink Saturday, a street party held the night before the San Francisco Pride Parade. Murder charges were later dropped against Perkins, who was reportedly found with a gun however it wasn't the same weapon that was used to kill 19-year-old Stephen Powell.

Dog fighting is an illegal activity that can result in prison time, not to mention it's cruel to animals. Sadly, pit bulls are the favored breed for underground dogfighting activity due to their muscular build and jaw-locking bite. Contrary to what some readers might think, pit bulls are very loving, affectionate, and loyal.

If anyone has any information regarding the location of the dogs please contact the San Francisco Police Department tip line at 575-4444.

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Jerry McElroy
Jerry McElroy

i hope they find the poor pups and punish these bastards for their moronic and inhumane idea of 'fun'. more reasons why people shouldn't procreate...Great idea Ashely...we should just dump losers like this in the middle of Afghanistan desert and let them fend for themselves against Al-Qaeda

Ashley Hayes
Ashley Hayes

Effing thugs. Ruining society and these dogs. Arrest them and send them to an underdeveloped country.

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