David Chiu: We Postponed Our Wedding to Wait for Marriage Equality

Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal
David Chiu, with Candace Chen to his left, is planning a post-equality wedding
At the conclusion of his latest election as president of the board, David Chiu publicly thanked -- and publicly acknowledged -- his significant other Candace Chen for the first time in board chambers.

By year's end, he'll have an opportunity to do the same with regards to his wife, the couple has announced.

The timing is interesting. Chiu has let it drop that the big day would have come sooner but for a desire to wait until marriage equality was the law of the land. "That was something my fiancee and I had talked about," he says. "We were hopeful it would happen soon. And we're very glad it did."

Chiu recently declared his candidacy to succeed Assemblyman Tom Ammiano. And it's no secret that, in his contest vs. fellow Supervisor David -- Campos, that is -- a demographic battle will be waged. Campos is gay, Latino, and progressive. Chiu is Asian (and has the support of moderate gay politicos like Scott Wiener).

The board president, however, puts the kibosh on any talk that his wedding-related announcement is meant to curry political favor. "That would be utterly cynical. I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. It's what my fiancee and I believe."

Chiu notes that this idea was first brought up by Chen -- who isn't running for anything.

The two will be married later this year. When asked how he popped the question, Chiu demurred, stating "it was a beautiful private moment between the two of us."

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