David Chiu Makes it Official: He's Running for Assembly

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David Chiu and his unshaven friend hope for more luck in the forthcoming election
In a move as shocking as gambling in the casino, Supervisor David Chiu this morning announced his bid for state Assembly. The Board President and erstwhile mayoral candidate makes official a long-anticipated move, stating he wants "to deliver results for San Franciscans and all Californians" -- to which few would object.

He joins a field including his fellow supervisor (and David) David Campos, the only other candidate to officially file a "statement of intention" to run for Tom Ammiano's Assembly seat.

The forthcoming race pits the progressive stalwart Campos vs. the hard-to-define Chiu -- a capable dealmaker who has managed to get himself elected board president three separate times.

It remains to be seen how the competing Davids will interact within Board chambers. During the last Board presidency go-round, Campos jumped on board the laughably hollow theme of the day: the "symbolic" importance of elevating a "woman of color." Material reasons for dumping the incumbent Chiu were not disclosed.

Campos and others seemed to forget that Doris Ward -- a woman of color -- was board president in the 1990s, and Barbara Kaufman and Angela Alioto held the position more recently. Proponents of this line also ignored the fact that subsequent board presidents included  Tom Ammiano (gay), Matt Gonzalez (Latino, Green), Aaron Peskin (Jewish), and Chiu (Chinese).

So, again, it will be interesting to see whether these sorts of interactions intensify or not.

Chiu's campaign will be run by Nicole Derse, who is coming off a 6-0 run for candidates in last fall's election, and will be helming Cory Booker's senate campaign in New Jersey. Our call to Campos hasn't yet been returned, but he recently told us he isn't yet in the market for a campaign consultant. His operative-for-life, Jim Stearns, is currently on the California Labor Federation's do-not-hire list -- which will also be an interesting wrinkle to monitor.

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Maria Nelson
Maria Nelson

Sorry David Chiu, I vote for Chewbacca :)

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