Women Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests on Craigslist -- And They're Cheap

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Congrats, you're not having a baby
A pregnant woman in Concord is selling positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist to any woman who needs one -- be it to trap a man, save a marriage, get revenge, or shut your parents up already.

These life-changing tests are no more than $25 a pop, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than marriage counseling.

The seller requires a somewhat cloak-and-dagger-style deal to procure your positive test result -- you have to meet a middle-man or delivery person (both male) in a busy location.


Curious about this new entrepreneurial endeavor, we contacted the seller who has yet to respond to our email. What we did learn is that there are many women who've been using the Bay Area-based online classifieds to peddle positive tests for cash. According to a CNN article, sellers across the nation are using similar marketing pitches. Some reassure buyers about the quality of the product; one of the ads mentioned in the CNN piece promised Clearblue, First Response, or EPT, as opposed to the shoddy Dollar Store variety.

A quick search revealed that most positive tests go for $20-$25, depending on where you live. Not bad for bulk sellers, considering that the raw materials cost half as much at drug stores in San Francisco, and it takes all of five seconds to pee on a stick. But when you consider the advertised rewards -- the promise of a baby without actually having a baby -- perhaps it is a good deal for prospective buyers.

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Eileen Salinas
Eileen Salinas

If it were closer to April Fool's Day I would gladly pay $25 to mess with my family! :)


Wow, what a dirty trick.  Guys, don't fall for it or marriage for that matter.  Stay sane, stay solvent, stay single.

Serge Perez
Serge Perez


Austin Cruz
Austin Cruz

She's sick for selling them. Whoever's buying them is even sicker.

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