Local Stranger With Foot Fetish Offering Cheap Rent in Exchange for Daily Foot Sex

You won't even have to pay a deposit!
If you've wasted the entire summer looking for a permanent place to crash at a decent price (are you losing your mind yet?) and are still homeless, boy have we found a steal for you.

Stop perusing the rent ads. There's no need to look any farther than this very "unique living situation" advertised on Craigslist. At $250 a month, you can share a 1,416 square-foot apartment in the Ingleside neighborhood with this random person who likes to be dominated by feet. If you are messy as hell and have bad credit, who cares. The only requirement to be the chosen housemate is to be a woman with damn good looking feet.

Read the Craigslist ad yourself:


No word on whether this rental includes free weekly pedicures.

We're guessing that $1,200 monthly studio apartment in the Tenderloin -- you know the one with no kitchen and a shared bathroom -- isn't looking so bad after all.

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When this is the only kind of weirdo I can find in SF, it's time to move... All we have are psychotics like this guy and "social-media" specialist white kids who get paid too much and jack up my rent.


Damn... Being a guy sucks....

Maria Nelson
Maria Nelson

Damn! No luck for me, I have talons! #xoxox LOSER

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