Christine Svanemyr Identified as Mother Killed by S.F. Rec and Park Truck

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screen-grab via CBS News
Christine Svanemyr was sunbathing right here when she was killed.
Update 10:24 a.m.: Police say it was 46-year-old 57-year-old Thomas Burnoski was driving the city truck when he ran over Christine Svanemyr, killing her. He was arrested and booked into San Francisco County Jail on charges of vehicular manslaughter and felony hit and run.

Original Story 8:05 a.m.:
Medical authorities this morning identified the woman who was run over while sunbathing in a Bernal Heights park yesterday afternoon as 35-year-old Christine Svanemyr of Daly City.

Svanemyr was laying in the grass near the south end of Holly Park at about 2:20 p.m. with her infant daughter and their dog when a rec and park maintenance driver turned off the path and onto the grass, driving toward the family. He hit the woman and drove off as witnesses yelled at him to stop.

Others performed CPR on Svanemyr until paramedics arrived. She was taken to a local hospital where she later died. The baby and the dog were not injured.

A few minutes after the incident, police found the driver and the maintenance truck nearby. The driver was arrested on suspicion of felony hit and run.

Local residents told media outlets that they're not surprised this happen; they've been complaining about these city workers driving too fast around the parks.

City officials would not release the name of the driver, who has reportedly worked for San Francisco's Rec and Park Department since 2006, but they did release this statement:

"On behalf of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family and friends of the victim," Rec and Park general manager Phil Ginsburg said in a statement.

Svanemyr served as the Director of Development for New Ventures West and was a Zen monk. According to her company's website, "her greatest joy and teacher is her daughter Isa Amalie, born October 2012."

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The secret brotherhood of evil SFPD cops in this city didn't arrest the park employee until after the uproar. They were on schedule for yet another example of being complicit with a death that they had no plans to file anything with the DA's office.  It's a clear trend of not enforcing traffic laws, blaming the victim of the accident and not filing charges against the driver. This is how the losers at the SFPD indirectly murder their victims and then treat them as worthless trash not worth investigation.  

The SFPD doesn't enforce traffic laws in this city whatsoever, they're too busy escorting political celebrities and private functions.  


They're really trying to cover it up in the media that the a-holes at the SFPD didn't arrest him immediately, they needed to "investigate" claiming it was a complicated case. Due to all the uproar and complaints they finally arrested him so they wouldn't lose face. The SFPD's often been complicit in victim deaths due to traffic accidents including bicyclists that they don't present any case to the DA and just let them get away scott free.  Had the public not complained, or had this been some white trash whore, they wouldn't have charged the park employee.  Because she was a prominent woman, the SFPD caved in and arrested the park employee.

San Francisco's city gov't is evil, let there be no doubt.  They like murdering people by not enforcing traffic laws.


I can't believe Lyle Lovett ran over this lady. 

Millette Kish
Millette Kish

The baby is 11 mos.old. So tragic!! This precious baby"s life will be forever changed.

Depth Chargz
Depth Chargz

I was by there today, and saw the Ch5 news there just this morning.

aliasetc topcommenter

If the asshole who killed the lady goes to jail, does he still get his pension?


typical in calif. state worker, low IQ dereliction.


The driver of the Wrecked Parks truck will get transferred to MUNI where his superior driving skillz will be a big plus.  The woman's estate will get sued for the emotional distress her death caused a city employee.  Trust not a civil servant and ye shall never be disappointed.

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