Atherton Sucks It Up, Pays the Bill for President Obama's Trip to the Insanely Wealthy Town

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Atherton's town manager
Back in April, the grossly rich town of Atherton sent President Obama the bill for his trip to the Peninsula community. When the president told Atherton where the town could shove its bill, city leaders then tried to shakedown the homeowners who hosted the president. They even went as far as threatening to place a lien on the homes.

But after five months of trying to stick someone else with the bill, the town has decided to STFU already and pay the tab itself. On April 4, the president stopped through Atherton, where he raised more than $3 million for the Democratic Party at fundraisers hosted at the homes of John Goldman and venture capitalist Mark Heising. The town says it reluctantly shelled out an extra $8,000 for additional police services to deal with the president's visit.

"We sent invoices to the White House, to the Secret Service , to the DNC and the residents," City Manager George Rodericks told CBS News.

And "'no thanks' was the response," said City Attorney William Conners.

That ballsy idea to put a lien on Goldman's and Heising's properties fizzled during a public hearing this week, and town leaders "caved in."

Altherton finally realized it was responsible for that $8K tab since, by law, someone has to inform the party hosts before the party begins that they're responsible for footing the bill for extra police -- and nobody did.

Well, another group of government leaders learned something new about how government works. From now on, they say, Atherton won't forget to warn those who host events that they'll have to pay for extra police.

"We fell on the sword for that one," Rodericks said.

On a side note, Atherton's Mayor Elizabeth Lewis is a registered Republican.

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