Alexander Poulides, Banana-Tossing Giants Fan, Was a Fugitive

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Alexander Poulides
Orioles center fielder Adam Jones was none too happy when an irate fan threw a banana at him during the last inning of an Aug. 11 Giants game at AT&T Park. And he took to Twitter to voice disapproval:

"I want to thank whatever slapdick threw that banana towards my direction in CF in the last inning. Way to show ur class u jackass."

But maybe Jones will get the last laugh in this case. It turns out the banana tosser, Alexander Poulides, was actually a fugitive in New Jersey, where he was apprehended last Saturday, according to NBC Bay Area. His list of crimes includes drunk driving, theft, drug charges, and disorderly disturbance.

But he was apparently contrite over the fruit-throwing charges, which Jones interpreted as a racist act. Both Poulides and the Giants apologized, attributing the banana launch not to racism, but rather, a lack of impulse control.

When Poulides heard about the public outcry he e-mailed the San Jose Mercury News to take responsibility for an "indiscretion."

Although no charges were filed, the Giants released an official statement on its policy regarding fan conduct, assuring that had ballpark officials nabbed Poulides at the time, he would have been duly ejected.

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