Random San Francisco IT Guy Doesn't Want Your Phone Calls for U.S. Customs Department

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Boy have you got the wrong number...
A random Sunset District IT guy named Mark has been forced to adopt an odd custom: shooing away calls for Customs.

In much the same manner that the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman (nor, arguably, an empire), San Francisco Airport is, in actuality, located elsewhere. As such, calls to bureaus located at SFO require the 650 area code, not the intuitive 415.

So, often several times a day, those expecting to reach the Customs office instead have their calls answered with an informal "Uh, hel-LO!"

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That's awkward, and more awkwardness ensues.

"It's a weird moment," says Mark. "People say 'This isn't the airport, is it?' I'll say, 'no, you've reached a personal number.' The interesting thing is, people then call back that number multiple times."

He called the airport to see what could be done (he knew the number). But when you possess an identical phone number to a rather large government outfit, save for the area code, there's not all that much to do. "Their advice was to change my number," says the IT guy.

He's loath to do this. "It's not that huge a pain in the ass."

But, for future reference, when dialing SFO, go 650.

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