After HIV Scare, California Porn Moratorium Ends Tomorrow

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Mike Koozmin
Porn company is headquartered in San Francisco.
Yesterday, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation held a press conference with several porn performers who have received positive HIV tests, including three who have worked at local porn producer

Cameron Bay, who performed at on July 31, received a positive HIV test on Aug. 21. (She tested negative on July 27.) The industry standard is for porn performers to undergo STD testing every 28 days.

Bay's off-screen partner, Rob Daily, also tested positive for HIV. Daily has performed in the industry since 2005; his last negative test was on July 10.

The California porn industry has halted production in the wake of the positive test results -- production is scheduled to resume tomorrow.

A third Kink performer, Patrick Stone, said that he received a positive HIV test on Sept. 10. He was scheduled to shoot at Kink on Sept. 11, but his shoot was cancelled because of the industry-wide moratorium. At yesterday's press conference, he claimed that Kink attempted to reschedule the shoot, despite his HIV status.

"They had me scheduled for a shoot tomorrow, and as far as they knew, I was HIV positive," he stated. "If I was allowed to fall through the cracks like I did, who else is out there?"

Stone also said that his test may be a false-positive; he has since tested negative for HIV.

Bay also reported negative experiences during her shoot at Kink. She claimed that an actor sustained a cut on his penis, that blood was simply wiped away, and that he continued to perform without a condom.

In a statement, the Free Speech Coalition noted, "Subsequent tests of scene partners established that the virus did not originate and was not transmitted on set."

Bay also stated that an extra on the shoot hit her breast too hard and damaged the tissue. She claims that she needs surgery to fully recover, and that Kink will provide worker's compensation for the onset injury. We contacted Kink for comment on this claim and will update our story when they respond.

The revelations come in the wake of the failure of a proposed law, AB 640, which would have mandated condom use in porn statewide. (Los Angeles County already has such a law.) The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which hosted yesterday's press conference, lobbied in favor of AB 640.

AHF President Michael Weinstein stated that the moratorium was not sufficient to protect performers from the spread of STDs. Lifting the moratorium tomorrow, he said, "is not safe, and wouldn't be necessary if we had the use of condoms and other means to protect performers."

In response to the recent HIV cases, the Free Speech Coalition has shifted from requiring performers to take STD tests every 28 days to every 14 days. The more frequent testing "will further ensure safer sets," said Coalition CEO Diane Duke.

The Free Speech Coalition opposed AB 640. Duke stated that, although three performers had tested positive for HIV in the last month, "none of them contracted it on an adult set." She added, "Politicians tried to use concern about HIV to push through a mandate opposed by both performers and producers."

With condoms already required on many Los Angeles porn sets, the question remains whether condom use will become more common here in San Francisco. The porn industry seems to be moving towards condom use -- the AVN Awards, which honor the best porn films each year, has introduced two new categories for the 2014 awards: Best Safe Sex Scene and Best Condom Manufacturer.

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This is great news, I was almost out of porn.

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Kevin Kirby

Can they still qualify for food stamps?

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Benji Cooper

Government needs to stay out of women's vagines!

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