Watch This 1936 News Report About the Opening of the Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge opened in 1936 -- as you can tell

After being inundated with news stories, tweets, blog posts, Facebook photos, and YouTube videos documenting commuters' first experience over the new eastern span, we were sure we'd had our fill of Bay Bridge vignettes. Until we stumbled across this relic: a 1936 news report detailing the opening of the old Bay Bridge.

The reporter of this black-and-white Ford Motor Company newsreel points out that the Bay Bridge was constructed in only three years (as opposed to the 10 years it took for the latest Bay Bridge construction), and proudly suggests that "every precaution has been taken to make this the world's safest bridge."

By 1989, Mother Nature and engineers determined those precautions didn't go far enough, and thus the planning for the new eastern span began.


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Darcy Villere
Darcy Villere

So one deck used to be for just trucks and busses and the upper was for traffic both ways for motorists? Wow. That's nuts.

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