"United Airlanes" Parody Twitter Feed Becomes Slushpile for Customer Complaints

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Type "United Airlines" into Twitter and you'll find a dormant feed with 164,867 followers and protected tweets. You'll also see a long list of angry people who've used the social media platform to unleash on the airline.

#UnitedAirlines has become an all-purpose hashtag for citizens who are looking to bitch about their latest flight drama. Turns out, many of those pissy passengers were kvetching into thin air, mistakenly tweeting to the parody account @UnitedAirlane instead of the company's official vessel, @United.

Never mind @UnitedAirlane's somewhat self-deprecating jingle, "Airplanes are a magic we just don't understand yet."

Needless to say, the parody account created spats like this one:

And this one:

Evidently the person behind the hoax created @UnitedAirlane in 2012 and promptly forgot about it. Then last month, he returned on a lark and saw all the people who'd been fruitlessly tweeting at him' that's when he realized he had been sitting on an Internet goldmine.

"Found out last night that for months, angry customers have been tweeting at my fake parody airline account, United Airlanes, to bitch about their experiences with United Airlines," the culprit posted on a Tumblr. "God has given me a great, beautiful funnel through which angry people flow in the worst possible mood."

In the meantime, the real @United has struggled to address its customer complaints with utmost sincerity, despite having to compete with an even less reliable rival.

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Maria Nelson
Maria Nelson

OMGoodness, hello it said United Airlanes not Airlines.... Hmmm, funny though I'm sure not to those complaining.

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