Knife-Wielding Man Bites, Chokes Police Dog (Video)

Ski is at home suffering from a human bite
A San Jose man who was reportedly drugged up on God knows what stabbed himself three times in the chest and then unleashed his anger on the cops' adorable and hard-working K-9 named Ski.

The bizarreness started Monday night when police were called out to Raymond Avenue on reports of a family disturbance. When they arrived, they found the bare-chested man with a kitchen knife. He started charging at the cop, who drew his gun.

"The subject then punctured a tire and broke out multiple windows by punching and smashing them," Santa Clara County sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Kurtis told the Mercury News.

At that point, the man turned the knife on himself and slashed himself in the chest three times.

Officers unleashed Ski, hoping the pup could gain some control of the knife-wielding man. But what happened next is truly ballsy: The man reportedly choked, punched and bit the hefty German Shepherd. Amid the dogfight, the man dropped the knife and the cops tackled him into submission.

The man, who has not been identified yet, faces multiple charges, including brandishing a weapon at an officer, injuring a police dog, and vandalism.

Ski is reportedly out on Worker's Comp with scrapped paws and elbows; he's expected to return to the office soon.

And now for some footage of the San Jose insanity:

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red.marcy.rand topcommenter

Give this this turd the gas chamber.

Chikodi Chima
Chikodi Chima

Sad when we feel compelled to thank the police for not killing our loved ones every time there is a confrontation


Man bites dog. Thats the headline.  Some drugs literally turn humans into animals.  Where is that turning point, where a person who functioned normally crosses into an animal devoid of morality?  That is where the tragic of drugs lays.  When the human spirit leaves the human body, rendering it an animal running on primal instincts and drug-lust.  Very, very sad.

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