San Francisco Zoo Welcomes Komodo Dragon. Watch Out Phil Bronstein.

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David Cruz/Natures Lantern
Perhaps tired of living in a perfectly average American city, Big Daddy Bahasa, a 2-year-old Komodo dragon, recently ditched his life in Knoxville, Tennessee and took up residence in San Francisco -- a perfectly above average American city.

San Francisco Zoo staff welcomed the young dragon who recently arrived from the Knoxville Zoo, hoping that his presence here would raise some awareness about the vulnerable status of the carnivorous dragon. The large lizard will be housed in the new Komodo Alley, a renovated exhibit space designed specifically for the dragon.

Komodo Alley has special enhancements designed to protect the health of the young dragon as he grows up. Specifically, it will maintain temperatures upwards of 85 degrees at all times, just like Komodo Island.

The baby male dragon is currently 47 inches long and weighs about five pounds. But you'll be pretty amazed to watch this little guy grow -- right now he's all tail, but this will change as he becomes an adult.

Once it reaches breeding maturity at five years old, Big Daddy Bahasa could grow to be over nine feet in length and weigh close to 150 pounds. Watch out lady lizards -- and Phil Bronstein.

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