San Franciscan Women Totally Kinky, Seek Out "Fifty Shades of Grey" Relationships


While it comes as no shock that San Francisco is a sparkling gem of anything-but-vanilla sex, some residents have taken things a step further. In the wake of the "Fifty Shades" trilogy, -- the unabashed "mutually beneficial" dating website -- has crunched some numbers and found some fascinating facts about local ladies.

The number of women seeking a BDSM arrangement -- a "Fifty Shade" relationship -- through their site has nearly doubled to 41.5 percent. That's about 263,000 women, which represents more than 18 percent of their total female membership.

SeekingArrangement says the steep spike in Anastasia Steele-fueled romance requests is no coincidence, they believe "Fifty Shades of Grey" has directly influenced memberships. And it's not just a few renegade kinksters, nearly a quarter of all the active female members (24.8%) are seeking an "arrangement" similar to Christian's and Anastasia's.

Here's the round-up of women in California seeking "Fifty Shades" relationships:

City - 2013 - 2012 - % Growth

Los Angeles- 18,226 - 13,670 - 33.3 percent

San Diego - 5,617- 4,101 - 37 percent

San Francisco - 6,001 - 3,076 - 95 percent

San Jose - 3,891 - 2,734 -42.3 percent

Fresno - 1,703 - 1,538 - 10.7 percent

Sacramento - 3,406 - 1,880 - 81.2 percent

"Christian Grey represents what women in today's society want in a partner," said SeekingArrangement founder Brandon Wade about the study. "Financial stability, consideration, mutually beneficial and sexual adventure. Which is why many women are surprised to see that our dating website, where they can find their own version of the fictional Mr. Grey, exists."

Ladies want the leather, the spankings, and of course, the private helicopter rides and luxe life that goes along with their "punishment." Of the more than 2 million members, 69,674 mentioned "Christian Grey" in their profiles, 15,102 mentioned "Anastasia Steele" and 13,975 mentioned "Fifty Shades." But is it all just ballyhoo and broken dreams? Apparently not. This super-freak fairy tale has some happy endings.

Using data from exit polls, the site found that 37 percent of women claimed to have found their "Christian Grey" and 62.5 percent of men claimed they found relationships with women similar to "Anastasia Steele." That equates to a lot of love dungeons.

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I would rather be the one wielding the whip. And, I'm not the only one. See other Femdom experiences at:

Héctor R. Sáez
Héctor R. Sáez

I wonder if this is somewhat indicative of the mentality of many Bay Area women. Seeking: sugar daddies, and kink.

Wendy Price
Wendy Price

All one has to do is read the back section of the Weekly to figure that out.

Sergio Fedasz
Sergio Fedasz

As with any poll, one must consider the source of the data. Interesting read, I'm down with some grey action...this is a cute piece. But not news. Not hating. I enjoyed the read. And kink. Spanks for sharing. :) "In the wake of the "Fifty Shades" trilogy, -- the unabashed "mutually beneficial" dating website -- has crunched some numbers and found some fascinating facts about local ladies."

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