San Francisco Police Department's 10 Most Wanted (Photos)

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Earlier this month we shared six missing person cases in San Francisco that had gone cold, and now we bring you the SFPD's 10 Most Wanted, which only has seven people.

If you see one of the suspects on this list or know something about their whereabouts, please do not approach them and call 911 or the anonymous tip line: 415-553-9755.

Denver Chan: In early morning of October 27, 2006, Chan and another suspect pounded on the door of the victim's apartment, after the door was opened, the first suspect held the victim down while Chan stabbed him and slashed his throat. They then drove the victim to another location and left him there.

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Juan Reyes III
Juan Reyes III

Hey these guy aren't that hardcore criminals to be on the SFPD top 10 most wanted. All they've done is kill an x girl friend or neighbor. Go Big and catch the guys in criminal organizations. Gangsters who pedal drugs into the streets and kill people. Someone that is public enemy number 1.


@Juan Reyes "All they did?" Murder is no big deal to you Juan? Who were you raised by?

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