Designer Dog Feces Bags Hawked by Local Company

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Poop Buddy
The bags on the right probably go over great for dog owners in Dublin
Watching a dung beetle at work brings so much to mind. Yet here are some things you probably weren't thinking:

  • That looks like great exercise.

  • I'd love to train a circus full of those little fellas to raise a tiny barn.

  • I admire that bug's entrepreneurial spirit.

Perhaps some people did venture that final thought. The excrement business is booming enough that one local woman is hoping to establish a niche enabling dog owners to haul away dung with style and panache.

Enter Marissa Verson Harrison and her outfit Poop Buddy.Her company does away with the debilitating twin terrors of having to leave the home to obtain a biodegradable dog crap bag, and the shame of feeling the squish of dog excrement with only an unstylish sack draped over your digits.

Poop Buddy offers home delivery of bags in designs resembling Cyndi Lauper's wardrobe for prices starting at $10 for 100. And if you are Cyndi Lauper -- or just share her sartorial sense -- you can, at long last, match your excrement bag to your outfit.

This is, of course, quite a bit more than you'd pay for delivery of nondescript bags. But, let's face it, a snazzy dog feces bag is about the only way you're going to elicit a compliment or initiate the conversation enabling you to meet-cute while grabbing turds.

Who can put a price on that?

A word to the wise: "Cat litter or animal feces" are not compatible with San Francisco's municipal composting.

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