Caltrain Hits Pedestrian, Trains Are Delayed (Update)

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Caltrain isn't moving this morning
Update 10:25 a.m.: Trains are experiencing hour-plus delays. Here's the latest time frame:

  • No. 227 - 66 min Through San Mateo
  • No. 329 - 94 min - Palo Alto
  • No. 220 - 97 min -expressing to Mountain View.
  • No. 322 - min - Atherton
  • No. 324 - 70 min
  • No. 226 - 64 min - Redwood City
  • No. 228 - 45 min - San Carlos
  • No. 332 - 96 min - Hillsdale
  • No. 135 - 32 min - San Antonio
  • No. 231 - canceled
  • No. 233 - canceled
  • No. 237 - 12 min - Sunnyvale

Update 9 a.m.: Caltrain confirmed it was an elderly woman who was killed this morning.

Update 8:32 a.m.: Trains are being single-tracked at reduced speed. The following trains are delayed:

  • No. 216 - 23 min - Holding Menlo Park
  • No. 218 - 5 min - Holding Atherton
  • No. 323 - 25 min - Holding Sunnyvale
  • No. 225 - train has been canceled, did not leave Diridon station
  • No. 227 - 27 min - Departing Diridon
  • No. 329 - 21 min" - Departing Diridon

Update 8:15 a.m.: A bus bridge is up and running between the California Ave. and Palo Alto train stations. Trains will turn at the California Ave. and San Antonio stations. "It usually takes about an hour and half to restore normal service after a fatality. Passengers are advised to be patient," said Christine Dunn, spokeswoman for Caltrain.

As an alternative, all Caltrain stations are served by local buses. In San Mateo County, SamTrans serves Caltrain stations; in Santa Clara County, VTA serves Caltrain stations. SamTrans and VTA are honoring Caltrain tickets. VTA also honoring Caltrain tickets for L-Rail at Mountain View station.

Original story: Caltrain has halted its service this morning after a train struck a pedestrian in Palo Alto.

The incident happened at about 7:35 a.m. when the southbound #210 train hit a person who was on the tracks at Charleston Avenue. Emergency crews are currently on the scene, said Christine Dunn, spokeswoman for Caltrain.

There were 322 passengers on board the train when it struck the pedestrian. However, nobody on the train was injured.

The following trains are now delayed:

  • No. 210-Terminated at Charleston Rd.
  • No. 221-Holding at San Antonio, will turn south and go back to San Jose.
  • No. 312-Holding at Palo Alto

Check back for updates.

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John Wichmann
John Wichmann

Shouldn't the headline read; man walks into a moving train?

Edward Coffman
Edward Coffman

what else is new? not many other western countries would tolerate this and would already have put in a replacement system but the US (Bay Area) accepts this as routine . amazing.

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