Oregon Newspaper Apologizes on Behalf of Oregon Driver Who Hogged Two Parking Spaces in S.F.

Badass Bernalwood Press
Earlier this week we reported on yet another dramatic parking showdown in Bernal Heights, which ended in the usual fashion: some passive-aggressive notes left on the windshield and a blog post on SF Weekly.

Oddly enough, the hyperlocal story about an Oregon driver who hogged two parking spaces on a residential street in San Francisco went somewhat national.

We noticed the Oregonian picked up the story which was first reported by Bernal Heights' neighborhood blog, Bernalwood. The newspaper rehashed the selfishness of this out-of-state driver -- and then, on behalf of all of Oregon, issued a heartfelt mea culpa to all driving San Franciscans.

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Per the newspaper:

OK, we're officially changing the lyrics to that old flower child song for Oregonians thinking of driving to California: "If you're going to San Francisco (be sure not to hog two parking spots)."

Seriously. There are neighborhoods in the Bay Area where residents will pull out the pitchforks for such crimes against society.

Actually, as if it needs to be said, taking up two parking spots is jerkish behavior just about anywhere.

On behalf of all Oregon drivers, we send our apologies to this driver's carelessness.

But the apology didn't go over well with Oregon readers, who used it as a chance to lash out ... at the author, the driver, liberals, arrogant people, and the entire state of California.

Here are some of our favorite comments:





After reading the apology, Bernalwood issued its own statement back to the Oregonian:

In return, Bernalwood would like to convey our most sincere air-kisses and good cheer to The Oregonian.

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Christopher Harvey
Christopher Harvey

I lived in Oregon 10 years and they hate people from California so why are they coming here

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