Oakland Shooting Caught on Video

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screen-grab via KPIX
Apparently, not everyone is shocked by the never-ending shootings in Oakland.

This exclusive video obtained by KPIX, caught footage of a daytime shooting along East 23rd Street and 23rd Avenue in East Oakland, as well as the nonchalant reactions of the bystanders. Last week, the shooters sprayed some15 shots "indiscriminately" hitting passing cars.

One of those cars that was hit just so happened to have a video camera on the dashboard, recording the brazen shooting that's reportedly become a fixture in this East Oakland hamlet.

Aside from the shooters -- and the gunshots which can be eerily heard on the video -- the footage also captured a young boy who witnessed the shooting, then went about his business as if he had just seen something as harmless as two people smooching in the park.


At least six people were standing at the intersection when the shooting happened, however, police have not tracked down any suspects at this time.

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mailorders topcommenter

Where are Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton?


The young man walking away from the 2 kids shooting was probably very frightened. I think it is ridiculous to say that he was being nonchalant. He was probably thinking that if he reacted he would be shot at as well. 

Leo Villacorte
Leo Villacorte

What little boy are they talking about walking away.....that guy is a teenager based on his height. If that was a little boy he would NOT be taller than the parked car


I don't get it... Someone opens fire in Oakland. Presumably neither the person who was being shot at nor the people in the surrounding houses even called the police or followed the suspects. Then we cut the camera to people on College Ave as if they were supposed to do something about it? I'm confused. What were they supposed to do?

Shandoeja Marie
Shandoeja Marie

kinda old news but ya fuggd up ...shows the desensitization even our children have now with all the bs that happens daily...its the fukn norm but it aint...all bad.


I clicked to see the video, and got an ad for Oakland A's Fireworks Night. Nice one.

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