Nunchaku-Twirling Man Hauled to Jail

Categories: WTF?

A Bruce Lee wannabe was arrested earlier this week after he allegedly refused to stop swinging his nunchaku, a popular ninja weapon that's illegal to possess here.

We came across the intriguing story in the Ex this morning which reported that the man was seen whirling his weapon on Tuesday at about 4 p.m. on the first block of Cashmere Street in an area where children were hanging out, police said.

When officers arrived, they witnessed the man swinging his nunchaku around in front of a group of adults and children. When the cops approached them, the curious crowd dispersed.

The man reportedly refused to let go of his weapon, which didn't go over well with police; there was a brief scuffle with the cops who then found shurikens in his pants. Shurikens, for those of you who prefer guns, are those "throwing stars" that are used for stabbing or slashing others. They're made from knives or nails.

The man was stripped of his weaponry and hauled to jail where "chains and sticks" has a whole different meaning.

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