'Lamborghini Cop" Carl T Now in a Slower Lane

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And they're off!
In lieu of ringing, the cell phone service plays "Werewolves of London" while the wireless customer is located. This takes a while; it's as if said customer is weighing whether or not he wishes to be located at all. Finally, on the third or fourth "Awooooooooo," a gruff voice comes on the line.

"Last time I talked to you," says Sgt. Carl T, "I got into trouble." And then there's laughter.

That would have been Dec.12, when a video on the officer's Facebook page taken from within a speeding car came with the says-it-all caption "Broadway tunnel. 100 Miles per hour in the Lambo." In the comments section, T noted "it's roomier than you'd think. Plus, we were all drunk."

The officer denied filming the video or driving the car, and claimed that no one was drunk or even driving all that fast. But one day later, T -- who legally changed his name to T from Tenenbaum so he could continue using his preferred "Carl T." name tags -- was, as he put it, in trouble.

Now he's out. But life has changed for the cop of 32 years.

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Jim Herd
Sgt. Carl T, out -of-doors
Instead of working as an active-duty sergeant out of Northern Station in North Beach -- easily reachable from the Broadway Tunnel via Lamborghini -- he's now down in the basement of the Hall of Justice, toiling in the property division.

If your lost wallet or purse comes across T's radar, he's in charge of tracking you down. You likely won't walk into 850 Bryant demanding your lost crack pipe, however. When evidence ranging from crack pipes to computers is no longer needed, T now sees that it's properly recycled or destroyed.

As part of what he describes as "penance," he sat at home in May for 10 days without pay. With that civic crisis having subsided, he was then reinstated as a crisis negotiator.

T adds that he has "absolutely no beef whatsoever" with his punishment or those who meted it out. As the British would say, "It's a fair cop."

And, come Sept. 29, he'll be a retired cop. After 32-plus years, T will leave the property room for the last time next month.

Let's hope he rides off into the sunset at an appropriate speed.

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