Gurbaksh Chahal, Internet Millionaire, Pleads Not Guilty to 47 Domestic Violence-Related Charges

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Chahal pictured at right at a TechCrunch event in New York in 2011.

Once considered "America's most eligible bachelor," Gurbaksh Chahal, an Internet advertising magnate worth millions, has pled not guilty to 47 charges including assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment and battery, in connection with an allegedly violent argument with his girlfriend, according to the District Attorney's office.

Attorneys for the 31-year-old CEO of Internet advertising company RadiumOne, and resident of Rincon Hill, have called the charges, which accuse him of wielding a pillow with deadly force, "overblown and misleading," according to a report by the SF Examiner.

The incident reportedly took place at Chahal's residence in the Infinity Towers in the SOMA neighborhood on Monday.

Prosecutors say there is surveillance video from the bedroom where the alleged assault took place. The complaint filed says Chahal beat and kicked his girlfriend 117 times over a half hour period, kept her from breathing for 20 seconds, and threatened to kill her.

The assault was allegedly fueled by jealousy when Chahal found out his girlfriend had been to Las Vegas with another man and cheated on him.

Chahal had already been released after posting $125,000 bail, and today, a spokesperson for DA's office said the bail had been upped to $1 million total, which Chahal posted this morning following the arraignment. The judge also issued a protection order, instructing Chahal to stay away from his girlfriend, and his passport was seized.

Chahal's attorneys have said in a statement before this morning's hearing that the woman who brought the charges has provided evidence to the SFPD that proves the defense's case, as a picture of her face showed an "unblemished complexion."

The millionaire entrepreneur has founded multiple internet companies including ClickAgents and BlueLithium, which was sold to Yahoo for $300 million in 2007.

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He deserves it......


what a douche! He deserves it. People who have met with him and know him, know how big of douche he is! 

Glenn Darwis
Glenn Darwis

His girlfriend was cheating on him and he couldn't walk away and say have a nice day. Instead he beats up on her and it's on video. That's weak behavior.

Susan Barrett
Susan Barrett

"Prosecutors say there is surveillance video from the bedroom where the alleged assault took place." And we're not expanding on that at all?


It was a good story on how he created his company from the ground up but over the years this guy let the money go to his head and turned into a fool. There was a time he was trying to go Hollywood in Silicon Valley. Bad idea. And now this chump caught himself a case by beating up on a woman who happens to be his now ex-girlfriend. Typical beta-male exhibiting needy and obsessive behavior. What a little b!tch.

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