Ford Taurus Police Cars Now Patrolling San Francisco

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Joe Eskenazi
A brand new car!
For years, driving a Ford Taurus signified one of several things:

  • You really wish you'd bought a Camry;

  • Grandma recently gave up driving;

  • It's a rental.

Now, however, it can mean something wholly other: You're a cop.
Long the peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich of cars -- a quotidian but unmemorable staple item -- the Taurus is now bigger, meaner, and more official-looking than in years past. This vehicle pictured above, one of just three currently rolling through San Francisco, was spotted yesterday in the Outer Mission. Not unlike its namesake, the Taurus is broad and low to the ground and, frankly, an intimidating vehicle. Don't wave any red capes.

Soon, 45 more will be on the streets.

The 48 vehicles are being rotated into the police vehicle fleet to replace aging or wrecked Ford Crown Victorias. Long the vehicle of choice for cops, senior citizens, or anyone who wanted to drive real fast and not turn, the Crown Vic is going the way of the Dodge Diplomat.

The SFPD has 28 Taurus Police Interceptors in hand and 20 more on the way. They don't exactly come cheap: the base price is $24,000, but souping one up with lights, sirens, computers and whatnot more than doubles the price to $50,000. The final cost is $55,000 for the SUV edition.

Perhaps in a nod to power consumption, the Taurus has LED headlights and spotlights. And yet, it's an all-wheel drive vehicle, which just sucks up the fuel.

Oh well. Not like anyone's keeping track -- right?

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The police in Robocop drove Tauruses.

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