Duct Tape Wallets For One and All

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Mac prepares to make a wallet for a special someone
Duct tape, counter-intuitively, isn't fit for ducts.

Perhaps that's why MacGyver used it to make a periscope and drive a bus while in the supine position; craft a bomb out of nitro pills and alcohol; and hold together an airplane crafted from bamboo, a tent, and a lawnmower motor -- but never for rudimentary household plumbing.

That's because MacGyver was such a realistic show.

A further introduction to realism can be obtained by handing a loved one a gift crafted of duct tape. Those who wish to do this can, naturally, learn all they need to know at the San Francisco Public Library. On Tuesday at the Excelsior branch and Aug. 29 at Glen Park, the right sort of folks will be trained in the ways of making a duct tape wallet.

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Excelsior teen librarian Marla Bergman will provide aspiring artisans with duct tape of a manner unimaginable in MacGyver's heyday of 1985 to '92. There'll be Hello Kitty duct tape and, perhaps, mustache duct tape.

Mustache duct tape would have served MacGyver well. Not only could he have made bombs and lawnmower planes, he could have disguised them.

Hello Kitty duct tape would have been a total waste of time.

For more information, contact Bergman here.

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