Did You See The Perseid Meteor Shower Last Night?

Probably not, if you were like us fast asleep, dreaming of a BART contract. But we're so thankful for those night owls who stargaze on our behalf then post photos on the Internet for the lazier population to enjoy.

In case you didn't know, Perseid meteors are particles from the debris trail on the comet Swift-Tuttle that hit the Earth's atmosphere moving 132,000 miles per hour. The shower, nicknamed "Fireball Champion," reportedly produces more meteors than any other annual shower and is typically bright enough at its peak to be seen in areas that aren't plagued by fog (sorry San Francisco).

Here's one we found shot over Joshua Tree, where the temperature was reportedly an unusually comfortable at 72 degrees. Check it:


We also really enjoyed this one over in Wyoming which lends itself to these sort of nature shows.The photog, David Kingham, says he shot the sky from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., changing his battery every two hours.


And then there was this shot taken over Bexleyheath in the United Kingdom. It's not as clear, but still pretty fun:

Flickr/Dan Mumford

Mondays never look this lovely.

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