Hey, Drivers: This Will Be Your View Riding Over the New Bay Bridge (Video)

Caltrans showed its artsy/media-savvy side with this new video that gives us an animated version of what our commute will look like when the new Bay Bridge opens in two weeks.

The almost 3-minute video has gotten us even more excited about the possibility of finally making it somewhere on time. Based on this footage, commuting across the Bay Bridge will soon be suspiciously smooth and congestion-free.

And Caltrans indeed confirmed our suspicions.

The new bridge will have five lanes as the current Bay Bridge does, however, there will be two shoulders in each direction which means stalled cars and other traffic emergencies will no longer clog up the lanes. In addition, all that annoying, but necessary maintenance work can be done without closing lanes -- and that'll really help maintain the traffic flow.

Anyway, enough about us, welcome to your new commute:

The Bay Bridge is slated to open Sept. 3 (right after it closes for five days).

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Wow, it's even uglier than I had imagined.  It almost doesn't even resemble a suspension bridge, it looks more like a monument to Zenu or something.


This animation lacks the little rice burner that's always passing on the right and swerving across lanes.

John Reichel
John Reichel

Oddly, the video is blocked from my workplace as being a "sex video."

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