Cable Cars or Golden Gate Bridge? Which Landmark Is More Awesome?

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Nothing screams "We are America" more than one-stop shop strip malls, all-you-can-eat buffets, and that annual trip to Cancun. But as you might have expected, there is more to the land of the free gift with every purchase.

In effort to prove America isn't totally vacuous, USA Today has drummed up a contest where readers like yourself can vote on the nation's most kick-ass U.S. landmark.

Naturally, being one of the more comely cities in America, San Francisco has not one, but two landmarks nominated: The historic Cable Cars and the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Also on the list: Fenway Park in Boston, Graceland in Memphis, and the 9/11 Memorial site in New York City.

Here's how USA Today explains the contest:

"What says "America" most? A few attractions across this great country are both unmistakable and totally memorable, places like the U.S. Capitol, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Grand Canyon. We pulled together an expert of very well-traveled editors and contributors for 10Best, and asked them which ones have become iconic US landmarks. You can vote once a day until NOON on SEPT 9. "

The kind folks over at the Rec and Park Department advertised the contest, encouraging residents to vote for the Cable Cars -- not the Golden Gate Bridge. We contacted officials over there who explained their allegiance to the trolley cars. "It's an opportunity to recognize and promote the good work of a sister city department," said Sarah Ballard, spokeswoman with the Rec and Park Department.

In any event, if you can pretend you aren't totally sick of these San Francisco landmarks, then go vote and help S.F. score yet another no. 1 title.

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The Golden Gate Bridge by a mile; it's a monument in human engineering and will forever be a frozen time capsule for the Art Deco period of America. 

The Cable Cars, while really nice, are a $6.00 tourist trap that hinder transportation up and down Powell/California/Hyde/Leavenworth. 

But where's the love for the F Trolly car? Whenever I ride it, I feel so romantic!

aliasetc topcommenter

The cable cars use to be public transportation, now they're a Disney ride.

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