Did You Lose a Big Wad of Cash Near Bernal Heights Yesterday?

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Was this you after you left the Bernal Heights playground?
Just when you had given up on the violent, broken, angry world, a good Samaritan comes along and makes you think "This place really isn't so bad."

Yesterday, an honest person picked up a wad of cash that was left behind near a Bernal Heights playground -- and didn't spend it. Instead of going on a shopping spree with the cache of cash, the noble woman has decided to track down the rightful owner.

Here's what the finder tells Bernalwood Press:

It's a considerable sum, and it would be great to find the rightful owner. Based on the way it was folded, it looks like it may have fallen out of someone's pocket. I do want it to go to the rightful owner, so anyone interested in claiming it would need to name the playground it was near, the approximate amount, and the time it could have been lost by the playground.

If you think this loot might be yours, email bernalwood AT gmail DOTCOM and claim your hard-earned money. Then pay it forward.

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It happened to me a few years back. I lost my cashed pay check over $1.500. In a rainy day around the Mission and a person whom I never seen before or after that day; gave the envelope with all the money in it. I try to give her some money and she refused it. Even though the city have changed there are those nice hippies around looking up and about. 

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