Here's Your Handy 24/7 BART Map for When the Bay Bridge Is Closed

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Before the Bay Bridge can open, it has to close. Which means you're pretty much screwed for a whole five days starting next week.

Now might be a great time to start appreciating BART (that goes for bloggers, too). The kind folks over at BART have miraculously found the money to roll the trains all night long while the bridge is closed, from Aug. 28 to Sept. 3. However, the trains won't run all night on Sept. 2, so consider making that your one night at home with the family.

As promised, BART released the much-anticipated transit service details so you can get a jump start on your Labor Day planning.

First, the overnight trains will operate hourly on a two-route modified service serving 14 stations, with trains between Concord and San Francisco International Airport forming one line and trains between El Cerrito del Norte and Dublin/Pleasanton forming the other line.

All trains will meet at MacArthur station in Oakland, where passengers can transfer to get to any of the 14 stations that will be open around the clock. See the map below for the list of stations that will be open and the overnight train schedule. Obviously, if you plan on using the train at odd hours of the night, park your car at a station that will actually be open. And, no, parking isn't free on weekdays.

If you thought you hated BART riders now, just you wait. Those BMW-driving pricks will have no other choice but to enter the fantastic world of public transit. BART is expecting ridership to increase significantly painfully compared to what you know now. Remember in 2009 when the Bay Bridge closed over Labor Day weekend? BART carted an extra 230,000 riders then compared to the Labor Day weekend in 2008 -- that's a 30 percent increase.

Now might be a great time to remind everyone to wear deodorant.

But we'll have to just get along on BART, since the Bay Bridge must close while crews do the finishing touches to the new span, including paving and striping. The new Bay Bridge is scheduled to open to cars Sept. 3.

24-hour service, aka, BART appreciation week

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Greg Olwell
Greg Olwell

There's no such thing as "carmageddon." It's a closed bridge, so plan accordingly and leave your hyperbole on the old bridge.

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