BART Says Negotiations Still Differ by $100 Million

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Ride it while you can.
It's going to take a transit miracle to bridge the $100 million dollar gap between BART's management team and employees' union representatives before Monday.

The startling figure came out during testimony yesterday by BART union reps and officials in front of a state panel commissioned by Governor Jerry Brown and is BART's estimate of cost difference over a four year contract. Union reps say it's more like $56 million over three years.

Apparently even agreeing on how much they disagree isn't possible.

The Investigative Panel, called into action last Sunday after BART management appealed to Brown for intervention, has until this Sunday to report back to Brown on the pros and cons of instating a mandatory 60 day "cooling off" period.

According to testimony by BART officials, yesterday's negotiations have stalled over pay increases and pension contributions. They say BART has offered a 9 percent pay increase over four years -- an increase of one percent from last weekend -- and is asking employees to contribute five percent towards their pensions over the next four years.

The union representatives have taken issue with this offer, saying that a good bit of their pay increase will have to go towards their pensions -- something they currently do not contribute to -- and that BART is misrepresenting their workers' earnings and contributions to their healthcare plans.

Presentations by both sides to the panel continue today, and a report is expected from them tomorrow. If Brown decides not to instate the 60-day cooling off period be prepared for a strike on Monday, and one nasty commute.

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What people don't understand is that whatever the Unions negotiate BART managers also receive. So when they talk about money they can mix it by stating what the cost is for all of BART or for the Unions In the media, the same thing is done when they refer what the average BART worker earns. They are including management wages to escalate the average. Wake up people!

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