The Messiah Has Returned: Bank Robbery Suspect Says She's Jesus

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
"Jesus Christ" decided to try and rob a Wells Fargo last week.
Apparently, Jesus is in San Francisco. A 26-year-old woman claiming to be the messiah is currently a suspect in an attempted bank robbery.

San Francisco Police arrested Drusilla Holmgren, also known as Jesus Christ, in relation to a suspected robbery, where she walked into a Wells Fargo bank last week and passed a note to a teller stating she had a gun.

Holmgren was then arrested on Tuesday when police rushed to an alley South of Market after concerned residents reported that a woman was naked in the alley way; police found her trying to put on a nightgown.

Holmgren told officers that she had been smoking methamphetamine all night and believed she was Jesus Christ.

Medics were then called to assist Holmgren, and after she was placed on a gurney an officer recognized her tattoo from the security video of the bank robbery. Ironically, it was a tattoo praising Satan (666) that gave Jesus Christ away.

She was booked into County Jail after being cleared by hospital staff, and SFPD says she is still being held there. According to SFPD, at the time of her arrest she was listed with a S.F. address, but no other details are known.

Holmgren is continuing to receive mental health care and is being held without bail due to an existing probation on felony charges.

She is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 2 on a motion by the prosecution to revoke her probation. That is of course, if she doesn't resurrect out of jail before her court date.

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So many miscreants either claim to be a deity or find religion after they're jailed.  Too bad they don't find religion before they commit their crimes.

Larry Blücher
Larry Blücher

....Police are searching for her accomplices Mary and Joseph.

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