Antifreeze-Addicted Marmot Finally Caught

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Leanne Waldal via Bernalwood blog.
The marmot who hitched a ride to Bernal Heights to fuel her antifreeze addiction is off the streets. She'll soon be on her way back to the mountains -- where she belongs.

The captured marmot -- who goes by "Bernal Marmot" on her Twitter handle -- was spotted Wednesday night by a neighbor who called animal control, according to the Bernalwood blog.

Animal control can't confirm this is in fact the same marmot spotted in June that was indulging in ethylene glycol, but it's highly probable she's the culprit.

A representative from the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley confirmed to SF Weekly that they have the rogue marmot in the clink and are working with Wildlife Emergency Services and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to find her a suitable new home, in the wild, away from anti-freeze.

Luckily, it seems that her warm sea-level trist hasn't hurt her health. The Wildlife Center representative says her health checked out well and she should be back amongst her kin soon.

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