Life-Sized Smurfs Show San Francisco How to Garden

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Completely normal
The Smurfs are in San Francisco this week, and no, that doesn't mean you should go stock-up your liquor cabinet.

The blue creatures loved only by kids stopped by Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park yesterday to help "bluetify" the city's park spaces in anticipation of the release of The Smurfs 2 (get excited!).

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In honor of the Smurfs' "timeless message of harmony with the environment," Sony Pictures is forcing smurfs to make the rounds across the nation to show kids how to be environmentally kind. This campaign is better known as "America the Bluetiful."

What that means exactly is kids and their parents can chill with the Smurfs while they (the kids) clean up their local parks, plant new trees, recycle garbage, and generally be good people.

In other news, the Smurfs sequel will be out in theaters on July 31. We challenge all mothers to stay sober through the entire film.

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