San Francisco Is the 6th Hardest-Working City in America

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With all the studies going around showing just how awesome San Francisco is, we were a bit reticent to print another. However, we also felt you deserve kudos for all your hard work at the office, since you won't be getting that raise anytime soon.

With that comes the news that San Francisco is officially the 6th hardest-working metro area in the nation, behind our brothers and sisters in San Jose and Seattle. The San Francisco-based real estate company Movoto worked really hard to crunch data revealing that our high cost of living is giving us no other choice but to work our asses off.

The study used seven criteria to determine the work ethics of various communities:

  • Average hours worked per week
  • Unemployment rate
  • Commute time
  • Employed workers per household
  • Hours volunteered per year
  • Lack of sleep
  • Cost of living

While San Franciscans don't have the worst commute in America (note: study was done before the BART strike), we did score no. 1 for having the highest cost of living, which increased our score dramatically. In addition, we ranked no. 6 in the nation when it came to more than one person working per household (even our dogs work the streets for cash).

The 50 Hardest Working Cities in America By Movoto Real Estate

Interestingly enough, the city that clocks the most hours per week -- Houston -- still wasn't putting in 40 hours, which by the way is a full work week. According to the study, Houston workers averaged 37.6 hours per week.

In San Francisco, we average 34.4 hours work a week, spent 29.5 minutes commuting per day, and have about 7.3 days of shitty sleep per month.

Now get back to work.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Why isn't the SF Weekly listed in the "More From Voice Nation" list at the top of the pages?

Are you the bastard red-headed step-child of the VN family?

Chris Fallon
Chris Fallon

40 At work 15 on the Road!!Lucky me I gotta job!!!

Wes Grimm
Wes Grimm

Ha ha. You wonder who beats you?

Anneliese Niebauer
Anneliese Niebauer

This post has quite a lot of typos. like Seattle is the first, not Houston & I seriously doubt we average 29 minutes of commute time in a total week (that's most people's average commute one way to work)

Brian Santos
Brian Santos

im guessing 5 other cities.... just my guess

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