Same-Sex Marriage Foes Lose Again, Court Rules Gays Can Keep Getting Married

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Gay marriage foes are having a hard time with rejection
It appears those folks out there who are really, really, really scared of gay marriage are going to have to start facing their fears.

The California Supreme Court is reportedly refusing to, once again, block gay couples from getting married, which means you can keep sending out those save the dates.

Last week, Prop. 8 supporters -- in a last-ditch effort to keep gays from walking down the aisle together -- filed a petition, asking the Supreme Court to stop same-sex weddings that had resumed in California on June 28 -- two days after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it wasn't going to rule on California's Prop. 8, thus paving the way for gays to marry in California.

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The motion claimed that Gov. Jerry Brown did not have the authority to direct county officials to stop enforcing Prop. 8 because the measure had not been deemed unconstitutional by an appellate court.

Apparently, the state Supreme Court doesn't agree.

In 2010, a federal judge ruled that Prop. 8 was unconstitutional; Prop. 8 supporters appealed that decision and an injunction on gay marriages in California were halted until June 2013. Since the gay couples who sued were living in Los Angeles and Alameda counties, Prop. 8 supporters say the measure should not apply statewide, but rather to those counties.

The court will now consider a second motion by Prop. 8's sponsors that declares the measure remains legally binding statewide.

Stay tuned.

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