Local Porn Store Offers Discount to Shoppers Who Buy President Vladimir Putin a Dildo

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This obvious photo illustration should arouse political reporters
We always take great pleasure in PR stunts that come from our local sex shops. Today, a San Francisco porn store decided to get involved in international politics by asking all you vibrator-happy patrons to help them supply Russian President Vladimir Putin with his very own dildo(s).

According to Gamelink.com, a San Francisco-based online porn shop, the perfect dildo just might help "loosen-up" the very rigid anti-gay leader, who recently signed a law making it illegal for gay couples in Russia to adopt children. On top of that, last month, Putin signed a law that made it okay for police to arrest tourists and other foreigners suspected of being gay or pro-gay. And then, he signed a bill that deemed "homosexual" propaganda pornography.

Gamelink.com seems to think the only solution to all this hatred is nonstop satisfaction.

And here's where you come in: The adult retailer says it will deduct $5 from your next dildo purchase, only if you send that pleasure piece to Putin. We had a quick gander at what the site has to offer and came up with our own suggestions for the Russian leader: The Death by Orgasm vibrator (it's waterproof!), or the Alexis Texas fleshlight. The Titanmen Master Tool also looks nice.

To get your Putin discount, type in PutinOnTheRitz while doing your online shopping. Ship your dildo to Vladimir Putin: 23, Ilyinka Street, Moscow, 103132, Russia. Also, "фаллоимитатор" is the Russian word for "dildo." You might need it for your customs declaration.

"We are lucky that we are allowed to have open minds and can support the gay community without fear of persecution or beatings," says Jeff Dillon, VP of Business Development at Gamelink.com. "Sending dildos to his office is the least we could do to show our disgust."

"We also hope he puts the dildos to good use for himself because as we have seen with many public figures "those that shout the loudest ..."

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aliasetc topcommenter

Send him a dildo, he is a dildo, send him Obama.


All you guys r doing is still supporting this guy. But it's ok to support this guy!

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