PETA Organizers Strip Down for Birds

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like
Has anyone else noticed that PETA's demonstrations have gotten progressively more ... naked?

Consider this a warning: If you were planning on using your lunch break tomorrow to pick up a new down comforter for your studio apartment, expect to be greeted by underwear-clad PETA protesters.

PETA, which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, will stage, or should we say, exhibit, yet another demonstration in San Francisco, but this time in front of the Westfield Shopping Center at 865 Market St. at noon. There you will cross paths with a couple stripped down to their skivvies tucked in a bed on the sidewalk, lecturing shoppers about the dangers of purchasing down products.

PETA claims that purchasing down products, including comforters, pillows, gloves, and jackets is equally as harmful as purchasing a real fur product since down comforters are made by plucking the feathers from birds while they're still alive.

The animal-loving organization says this is obvious animal cruelty because many of those birds are restrained while being deplumed, a process that can sometimes leave the birds bleeding or hurt.

In addition to a semi-naked couple in bed covered by a feather-less comforter, you will also be entertained by an activist dressed in a half-plucked bird costume. Once you have a gander at this sight, you will either:1. roll your eyes because this is San Francisco or 2. halt your rampant down-product purchasing.

Lest we forget, PETA has already made many (failed) attempts to reform San Franciscans, whether it be getting them to quit eating fish or take the loin out of the Tenderloin.

The whole panty-bird-plucking shebang should last no more than an hour.

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Wow P.E.T.A. congratulations you just made me wanna go grab a big ol bucket of KFC, please more MEAT IS MURDER campaigns it always makes me wanna run out and buy a big ol rare Steak Sandwich while wearing a Fur Coat!!!!

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