Oakland to Toss Parking Tickets Handed Out During Strike

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That eight-hour shift sure blew up in his face
Although parking enforcers were part of the one-day strike on Monday in Oakland, there's always going to be that one brown-nosing worker who tries to ruin it for everyone.

According to press reports, there was one parking enforcer who decided to blow off the strike, cross the picket line, and show up for work. That model employee then went on to do his job, and put in a full eight-hour shift issuing parking tickets to drivers who hadn't fed the meter or were illegally parked.

But even Oakland city officials think that's kinda messed up.

Marking what just might be history, the City of Oakland has decided to trash those tickets issued during the strike, because, well, commuters have had enough this week, right?

"We did tell the public that we did not anticipate there would be parking enforcement, so we will honor that," said Karen Boyd, spokeswoman for the City of Oakland.

No word on how many parking tickets the overachiever issued that day, but what we can confirm for a fact is that he definitely wasted his time.

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red.marcy.rand topcommenter

Good move but they ought to abolish the OPD, the Alameda County DA, and the City of Oakland.

Now that would be revolutionary change.

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