Boat Owner Doubts Insurance Will Cover Nude Man's Rampage

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Deanna Desin
Ronald Morgan, in yellow tarp, was arrested Saturday after allegedly attempting to steal a boat while in the nude
Of course Bridgette Carroll has coverage for her sailboat. "We have insurance for natural things," she says. Unfortunately, her 26-footer, the "Slowly But Surely," suffered a minor unnatural disaster on Saturday. "I haven't looked to see if we have an insurance policy for a naked man stabbing it with a hoe. You just don't think that's going to happen to your boat."

But that's just what happened. SF Weekly reported Monday on the alleged exploits of Ronald Morgan, a 44-year-old man in his birthday suit charged with infiltrating a yacht club, making off with a life vest, swimming to another yacht club, then wielding a garden hoe on the "Slowly But Surely" in an abortive attempt to commandeer the vessel.

Carroll is left assessing the damage to the 41-year-old boat.

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The hoe-swinging rampage broke two of the boat's docklines and punctured the fiberglass, Carroll says. Fixing the deck would require a fiberglass specialist; it's one of those grooved decks that prevents folks from slipping (though Morgan seems to have slipped off while over-swinging that hoe).

She figures she's out at least $1,000. So, sooner or later, she'll get it fixed. Slowly but surely.

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