Muni Stop Gets Tiki Makeover

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Ian S. Port
Happy Friday...
News about Muni ads, of late, has been monopolized by overbearing hard-liners on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian divide. Woe to he who forms his opinion of international politics based on a fleeting glimpse of a hyperbolic ad on the side of the 16X. And woe to the transit agency mandated to take such ads.

So, on a bright and sunny Friday, a happier Muni ad is visible near Powell Street station. This Tiki-topped bus stop, underwritten by a sugarwater company that hasn't yet passed any dinero to us, certainly caught our attention.

Muni spokesman Paul Rose says he's pretty sure the thatched roof won't interfere with the bus stop's solar system. This isn't Muni's first foray into jovial, innovative ads. But this one is working out better than others.

A Wreck-It Ralph-themed ad turned bus stops into photo booths -- and, if nothing else, led to another great Peter Hartlaub piece.

A 2006 campaign for milk in which artificial cookie odors were pumped into bus stops went over less well. The ads smelled of "cookies" in the same way Subway restaurants smell of "bread," and riders' complaints led the proposed monthlong installation to be spiked after 36 hours.

Well, fair enough. But that fake cookie smell was likely preferable to the very real odors pervading most Muni stops -- and vehicles.

In any event, happy Friday. Keep it that way by watching where you sit.

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aliasetc topcommenter

How cum the MUNI shelter at California & Market has FREE WIFI but other less desirable stops don't?

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