Even San Francisco Kids Are Getting a Kick Out of the KTVU Asiana Pilot Gaffe

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KTVU hasn't gotten much of a break since it went on the air last week and reported fake names of the Asiana pilots that crashed into SFO on July 6.

Not even the kiddos are cutting the reporters over there some slack.

We spotted the latest jab at the station on the Bernalwood blog, which posted a kid-crafted press release about a missing helicopter in the neighborhood.

Bernalwood blog via "neighbor Matthew."

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As the blog reports, a neighbor saw the sign this week about the missing helicopter, noting that the National Transportation Security Board is not doing a good job of investigating.

What's more the blogger, Todd Lappin, then points out that "KTVU is nevertheless working to confirm a report that the pilot's name was Havyuseen Maheli."

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Before anybody goes off half cocked, yea it's racist depending on the context!!!!!! This is tongue and cheek, harmless!!!!!!! GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!


This is funny shit, you can't help but laugh!!!!! Poor Tory Campbell can you imagine the horror she felt after realizing what she had just read???? Embrace it San Francisco stop being so fucking politically correct and enjoy the small spotlight!!!!

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