Gavin Newsom Has the Subtle Moves of an R&B Singer

Joseph Geha

We've seen Lt. Governor Gavin Newson master the moves of a long-winded politician, a local philanderer, and even a skilled magician. But perhaps you haven't seen his soulful moves that kind of remind us of an R&B singer.

Recently, the handsome politician's stage skills became apparent while he was getting hooked up with a microphone for a television interview outside of City Hall last week, moments after the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the path for same-sex marriage in California.

During the brief delay before he joined up with the broadcast, we caught him busting out some moves that could only be described as essential to a soulful R&B singer's performance arsenal.

Check out the four photos below in consecutive order, and notice the sharp facial angles, the pursed lips, and the trembling finger-to-the-monitor move to his right ear.

*Tip* For the best results, start at the top left square, and move clockwise.

Joseph Geha
R&B Singer Gavin Newsom, outside of City Hall on Wednesday, June 26.

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