Local Parrots Finally STFU, Have Nothing to Say For a Change

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Badass Bernalwood Press/Joe Thomas
Parrots were spotted in San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood the other day, and why is this news, you ask? Because the usually loose-lipped psittacines had nothing to say for a change.

The Badass Bernalwood Press posted some footage of the colorful birds acting mellow and unbelievably taciturn. As the blog notes, the birds, which are known for their intelligence and ability to reflect your idiotic remarks, have been spotted in the neighborhood before -- and in a much more gossipy state.

But here they are acting cold and shut down:

The folks in Bernal Heights attributed the lack of communication around the bird feeder that day to political tensions. If that's the case, hopefully, this blog post will help break the awkward silence.

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John Losavio
John Losavio

They realized we're not worth talking to.

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