Japan Flight Headed for San Francisco Turns Around After Warning Flashed in Cockpit

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Japan Airlines
A million hours later, landed safely in San Francisco
Early this morning Japan Airlines announced that a Boeing 777 bound for San Francisco returned to Tokyo hours after taking off because the cockpit's warning light flashed alerting the pilots that the hydraulic level was too low.

The plane, which was carrying 236 passengers and 13 crew members, reportedly left Tokyo's Haneda airport about midnight and turned around four hours later, just to be on the safe side.

Passengers -- perhaps frustrated yet thankful -- hopped another plane that arrived safely in San Francisco this morning.

Meanwhile back in Tokyo, the airline told ABC News that mechanics had found a leak in the hydraulic system of the plane.

Tuesday's flight inconvenience happened just three days after an Asiana Airline jetliner made a crash landing at San Francisco International Airport, killing two teens and injuring dozens more. The cause of the crash is still being investigated, however, authorities say the pilot was flying the plane too slowly right before it crashed.

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Steve Steve O
Steve Steve O

I wonder if all the chem trail activity is catching up to the aviation traffic there?

aliasetc topcommenter

Goes to prove that the Japs are smarter than Koreans

Andrea Ackerman
Andrea Ackerman

plane was over pacific ocean, no where near our shores...new plane landed in SFO just fine

Treavor Blue Wagoner
Treavor Blue Wagoner

Flying out of SFO is really annoying given weather conditions. I didn't realize flying *into* SFO is just as difficult.

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