Insects Coming to a Library Near You

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Bring the kids!
Melvil Dewey of decimal system fame would likely have been shocked at the notion of heading to the library to peruse CDs, DVDs, or virtual farming games. Also: insects. They had insects in the 19th century too, and insects did find their way into libraries -- but, likely, not in an organized fashion.

Friday at 3:30 p.m., the folks at Save Nature will cart a horde of strange, six-legged beasties to the Golden Gate Valley library on Green Street. Acting branch manager Doreen Horstin promises there'll be no creatures that will "bite the kids or give off some stinky spray." And the exhibition will take place in the meeting room "so there won't be an infestation in our books."

That seems sensible.

Adults with young children in tow can look forward to the following exotic creatures being passed about the room:

A Darkling Beetle; an Eastern Lubber Grasshopper, a Giant African Millipede, an Australian Walking Stick; a Giant Thorny Phasmid; a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach; and a Vinegaroon.

Save Nature staff tell us there will be no flying creatures and that, to the best of their knowledge, no crawling insects have ever successfully crawled away from a library show.

Those hoping to take in this spectacle must reserve a spot for the Friday, 3:30 p.m. Golden Gate Valley show by calling (415) 355-5666. Call (415) 355-5791 for the Saturday, 10:30 a.m. gig at the West Portal branch.  

Mishaps do occur during some live animal shows at the libraries -- though not at any of these bug events. Horstin recalls falcon droppings hitting the floor during a falcon show at the Main Library last year.

Fair enough. The Main Library is well-equipped to handle impromptu defecation, be it falcon or otherwise.

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