Free Kittens! Go Get One. Now.

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You think you're tired of this heat wave? Try being piled in a cage at the SPCA with a handful of kitties competing for a home (preferably one with air conditioning). That's a lot of hot fur on an uncomfortably warm day.

Hopefully, the heat hasn't melted you into an irritable grouch just yet. If so, get over it and and head down to the San Francisco SPCA right this minute -- if not by July 14 -- to pick up a free kitten. The shelter is claiming to be at "cat-pacity" with felines and is waiving all adoption fees for cats and kittens until July 14.

Apparently, it's "kitten season" or that time of the year when it gets warm and cats are out frolicking more often. As of now, the shelter has 206 felines looking for a permanent home, including 84 cats and 122 kittens.

If you are feeling really generous, you could open your home to needy kittens and be a foster mom for those babies who aren't quite ready to be adopted.

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That's where I got my wonderful Cat. Woohoo maybe ill get a kitten so my cat can play with a kitten.

Rosie Henderson
Rosie Henderson

< just put 16 yr old kitty down yesterday. I'll pass.

Holly Nall
Holly Nall

Ugh, torture! Want a pet so bad but can't get one yet. :(

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