Cops to Hold Meeting Tonight About Poisonous Meatballs Aimed to Kill Dogs

Not exactly a meatball you would find at Whole Foods
Nobody's lost their appetite more by the site of meatballs than the neighbors in the Twin Peaks area where cops continue to find meatballs laced with rodent poison in spots where dogs are known to go potty.

The cops first alerted the public to the "truly unusual" crime last week when a local pup ate one of the meat treats found on a sidewalk and then became sick. Since then, police have confiscated some 100 poisonous meatballs from a 4-block radius in the neighborhood.

The issue is still concerning enough that police are hosting a community meeting tonight at the Park Police station (1899 Waller St.) at 6 p.m. to talk to residents about the case, and explain exactly what to do should they come across these unsavory snacks.

"We are still finding some," said Inspector Joseph Nannery. "We are following up on some leads, but there's nothing solid."

Nannery told us that the cops have been in constant contact with Animal Care & Control as well as local pet hospitals, but so far no reported pet deaths have been linked to the meatballs, he said. "We've heard [through social media] that there have been some pets that have supposedly died, but we can't confirm any deaths," he said.

Police were called last Wednesday at about 8:30 a.m. when a local dog became ill after eating one of the fully cooked discarded meatballs while on a walk near Crestline and Burnett streets.

Nannery said there's plenty of motives for someone to plant the malicious meatballs, such as: they dislike barking dogs, they feel threatened, or are tired of the pups pooping in the area. The cops thought they had nailed the defecation lead, until more meatballs popped up in areas where dogs are not known to go.

"Sometimes you think you got it, and sometimes you think you don't," he said.

Needless to say, police are aggressively going after the culprit; if you see anyone cooking up meatballs you wouldn't dare eat (the kind with gopher poison in it) then call the cops. But only call if you truly have a hunch, don't just blame your neighbor because he's more of a cat person.

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If you see anything resembling the above pictures on the ground call the non-emergency SFPD number (415) 553-0123. If you see any suspicious activity, please call 911, and anyone having altercations or verbal interactions over pet disputes in the above area, please contact the PARK Station Investigations Team at (415) 242-3000 and ask to speak with Lieutenant Pengel or Inspector Nannery.

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Dixter Chauncey
Dixter Chauncey

Why is the meeting being held well outside of the effected neighborhood?

Linda V Kocek Peters
Linda V Kocek Peters

Wow, this is more important than people being mugged!? Pick up the dog shit an maybe this wouldn't be happening!!! I hope it teaches dog owners to be more respectful!!! Would you like it if I took huge shits on your street !?


@Linda V Kocek Peters That makes sense. A few people annoy you, you support poisoning random animals, possibly by the hundreds. They'll probably love you and that point of view in Lafayette. Who will you randomly poison and how will you do it in your righteous battle against the morning gas-powered leaf blowers?

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