Big Pot Grow Discovered During House Fire This Morning

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Fire hazard
In what seems to be the new "bread-and-butter" work for fire crews in San Francisco, firefighters stumbled across another illegal marijuana grow this morning while battling a blaze in the city's Visitacion Valley neighborhood.

The two-alarm fire was called in at about 12:40 a.m. on the 100 block of Tucker Avenue. There were no injuries, unless you consider charred pot plants a tragedy.

According to news reports, firefighters got control of the the blaze within a half-hour only to discover about 60 marijuana plants and growing equipment inside the home. Firefighters called the cops who then took over the job.

"This seems to be a common occurrence for us now," San Francisco Fire Battalion Chief Thomas Abbott was quoted saying in the Chron. "More often, it's becoming our bread-and-butter fire operation."

Clue no. 1 that you're living next door to a grow house: The home's windows had been boarded up with plywood and rigged with illegal wiring to bypass the utility meter, investigators told reporters.

"It makes it a trap for firefighters," Abbott said. "If something goes wrong, you're stuck."

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