Big-Rig Driver Learns Hard Way That 18-Wheeler Doesn't Quite Fit Through Bridge Toll Plaza

GG Bridge District via KTVU
Determined to get to the City
As if the morning commute couldn't have gotten worse for everyone. A big-rig driver reportedly slammed into the toll plaza at the Golden Gate Bridge as he tried desperately to make his way to San Francisco.

The bizarre crash happened during rush hour at about 8:43 a.m. along the third southbound lane from the left at the toll plaza on the southern end of the bridge, CHP Officer Andrew Barclay told KTVU.

Naturally, the toll plaza was damaged, as was the front of the truck, and everyone's mood about the morning commute. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

Now for the burning question: What the hell?

Golden Gate Bridge spokeswoman Mary Currie says the big-rig driver tried -- and failed -- to use a lane that was "too narrow for the truck."

The big-rig was stuck until about 9:40 a.m., obnoxiously blocking three southbound lanes at the toll plaza.

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JamesAlien Woods
JamesAlien Woods

I say take that troll bridge station out, so more power to the likes of that big rig. I mean, the bridge construction bonds were paid off in the 1960s, so the GG bridge directors are just gilding their lillies (redwood tree burl meeting tables, etc.) obscenely. Tax revenue? Just fold it into property tax for the relevant counties ...

Jan Blum
Jan Blum

who are these drivers that ignore the approved routes????? The other day we had a humongous tour bus suspended on one of the famous "posted" SF hills not recommended for trucks. He was stuck for many many hours.

Rose Borden
Rose Borden

An unwise (and quite selfish) decision...


He must have came from Oakland a Bart employee trying to fuck up the Golden gate bride!

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